Terms and Conditions for Crystal Boutique

Thank You for choosing to order your dress from Crystal Boutique, by signing this order form you have entered into an agreement with Crystal Boutique in which we aspire to unite you with the dress of your dreams. The purchase of a dress from Crystal Boutique is subject to the following terms & conditions. Our contract is with the person whose name appears on the order form.

1: Definitions

1.1 Crystal Boutique means the retail establishment you are purchasing your items from.

1.2 Client is the person for whom is purchasing the dress or that the dress is being purchased for.

1.3 Designer means the manufacturer of the selected dress.

1.4 Price is the total cost of the goods including VAT.

1.5 Deposit is the initial payment made to secure the order.

1.6 Balance, though varying for each type of dress, is the remaining sum payable upon completion of the dress delivery or construction.

2: Sizing and payment for a dress

2.1 The client will be assisted to select their dress from the collection in a suitable size; however the final decision of sizing is at the customer’s discretion. Crystal Boutique cannot be held responsible for any weight loss or gain.

2.2 A minimum of three months should be allowed from order through to collection, though arrangements can be flexible where possible. Upon initial order, the client will pay a 50% deposit, the remaining balance being due when the client’s dress arrives at Crystal Boutique. Please note that the deposit/ initial payment is deemed to be non-refundable. All payments may be made either by cash or card made payable to Crystal Boutique.

3. Payments and Collection

3.1 In the unfortunate event that an order needs to be cancelled the deposit/initial payment is deemed to be non-refundable as per clause 2.2. The order for a dress will be placed with the designer upon signed confirmation by the client; therefore the balance must be paid in full upon cancelation. The cancellation must be in written format and addressed to: Crystal Boutique, 57 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3PJ for the cancellation to be confirmed.

3.2 Any item purchased that is currently part of Crystal Boutiques stock, housed on the boutiques premises and taken off the shop floor, requires the full balance to be paid immediately.

3.3 Collection dates for orders will be negotiated and agreed with the client.

3.4 Once the dress is collected from Crystal Boutique, the dress is no longer the responsibility of Crystal Boutique & becomes the sole responsibility of the client. Every effort will be made to ensure the dress is able to be transported without incurring damage in the client’s vehicle; i.e. handed over to the client in a suitable protective carrying bag.

3.5 All dresses remain the property of Crystal Boutique until the amount payable is paid for in full.

4. Faulty items

4.1 Should you believe that your dress is faulty, you should contact us within 14 days from the date of purchase. We will then aim to repair any faults which Crystal Boutique agrees to being down to faulty workmanship.

4.2 Once a dress has been altered, we can no longer provide any provisions for the corrections of any identified faults.

5. Returns

5.1 Crystal Boutique offers a 14 days return policy for any dress or accessories (excluding earrings). A credit note or exchange will be offered at the discretion of the manager.

5.2 In the unlikely event that a dress is deemed to be faulty, we will endeavour to resolve the problem as per 4.1.